Find Your Voice

What is a voice?

Your voice is a unique and recognizable artistic style that is distinctly your own; the ultimate form of self expression that reflects your personality and vision in a way that no other artist could.  Just as others will recognize the sound of your voice when you speak, viewers will recognize the look of your artistic voice when they see your work.

Many artists grapple with finding their voice, what most don’t realize is that their voice is there from the beginning, they just need to hear it and follow it.  This is the reason we always refer to finding a voice, not developing one; your voice is the driving force that makes you create, your “intuition.”  Sometimes a voice is so clear that others will recognize it before the artist does.

There are so many different techniques and materials available to use in your art, you must decide which ones express who you are, tell your story, and bring you the most pleasure.  Finding a process that works best for you and deciding what you want your work to say is the first step in listening to and finding your voice.

Why do you need to find your voice?

Some artists prefer to work in a variety of styles throughout their careers, producing artwork that reflects different facets of their personality rather than one distinct voice.  That is fine.  Art Quilt Voice Coaching is designed to help emerging artists who wish to find a singular artistic voice, to help them move towards producing an cohesive and consistent body of work.  This is necessary for entering exhibitions, publishing your work, or if you aspire to teach.   If you wish to move forward as an artist rather than as a hobby finding your voice is the first and most essential step.

How can I help you find your voice?

Art Quilt Voice Coaching is not the same as a critique.  I make no comments on the quality of the work, only the direction.  I will guide you to evaluate and discover for yourself what to hold onto and what to let go of, so that your work is a consistent and cohesive representation of who you are as a person and as an artist.

How Art Quilt Voice Coaching Works:

  • I will begin by emailing a list of questions for you to answer and return to me by email.  These questions are designed not only to give me a snapshot of where you are and what you hope to achieve, but to help you crystallize where you may feel blocked.
  • Along with the answers to the questionnaire, you will email as many images of your work as you wish for me to review.
  • The consultation takes place on the phone, usually running about an hour.  Although it is recommended that you take notes during this conversation, I will email a brief review of the recommendations made during the phone session.  The price of the consultation will include follow-up email questions.
  • For overseas artists, consultation will take place by email rather than phone.

The cost of the art quilt coaching is $65, payable through square, which includes the questionnaire, the phone consultation and any follow-up you want going forward.

Email for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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